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About Us

Cervidor only produces deer health products and brings vitality, longevity and wellbeing to discerning consumers through its specialised range.

Cervidor is an expert and a global reference standard for deer products. Our company founders were among pioneers in New Zealand’s deer farming industry, bringing together a wide range of valuable skills and experience. We harness the strength and efficacy of free-range New Zealand Red Deer through a vertically integrated supply chain from the farm to the finished product.


Grown and made in New Zealand  •  100% natural and pure active ingredients guaranteed 

What we do

We make health products for those wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle by using Traditional Chinese Medicine. We take co-products from deer (Cervus elaphus), and process it in our factory here in New Zealand using high standards to produce either a whole dried product that can be cooked in soups and tinctures, or capsules which are a convenient, easy way to gain the health benefits of the deer products.


You may notice the word ‘quality’ come up a lot on our website. This is because quality is our number one focus. We aim to bring you product that is 100% natural and in the best form possible. We start with premium New Zealand Deer, process with minimal handling while meeting all health and safety standards and deliver a finished product in well-presented, quality packaging.


In New Zealand, the processing of velvet and other co-products is regulated by the New Zealand government’s Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) as well as the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA). This ensures that all processing and hygiene standards are maintained at an elevated level across the country. All Cervidor deer velvet is harvested by accredited technicians and all Cervidor co products are harvested at government licensed facilities. Immediately after collection, product is inspected, labelled to ensure the origin and accurate identification and immediately frozen. Cervidor products are always handled in government–licensed production facilities that meet the very strict hygiene and quality control systems required for international market accreditation. With New Zealand’s prime agricultural environment it means that our deer products are coming from the best source possible.


We look forward to sharing the health benefits of our deer products with you.