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Why Deer Products?

Cervidor deer products are 100% natural and are a great way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle with the knowledge that no chemicals have been added to ensure you are getting the purest ingredients possible.

Ancient Chinese Medicine

A scroll made of silk over 2000 years old, discovered in a tomb in the Hunan Province in China lists more than 50 diseases which velvet is used in the prescriptions for. Velvet and deer co-products are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine in a variety of health remedies and to support health and general wellbeing. It is said to be effective as an anti-inflammatory, immune stimulant and pro-growth agent.

Cervidor deer health products are used for Traditional Oriental Medicine and may assist with the following:

  • Joint health & repair
  • Growth, Strength and Enhancement
  • Sexual function for men and women
  • Immune system functioning
  • Strength and Endurance
  • Repair of minor tissue damage

Other Benefits

Deer products have been shown to support healthy joint function and improved athletic performance in laboratory and clinical experiments. More research is currently underway to further demonstrate these findings and to measure these possible effects. Meanwhile, there are many people all across the world that would put their wellbeing and vitality down to the positive effects of deer health supplements.


Cervidor produce a wide range of excellent quality capsules and dried products. Please click on any of the categories on the main page or click on the product name below to see our products and their exceptional range of health benefits.